20 Ways To Erase Wrinkles Naturally


Young woman checking wrinkles on face in front of a bathroom mirrorAging skin is not a fun part of growing older, and it’s even worse when we don’t notice until it’s already happening. But unfortunately, as we grow older, the collagen and elastin in the skin begins to diminish. And if that’s not enough, our cells are aging right along with the rest of us. Nothing can stop it in its tracks, but diet, supplements, and a little pampering can give you a stay at the fountain of youth for awhile. . . and quite possibly a long while.

There are a few things that are completely within our control. Implement these and you can begin to erase wrinkles and get your glow back.

Stop smoking – there’s nothing sexy about cigarette lips. Plus it robs your body of Vitamin C, a key antioxidant responsible for forming collagen and elastin.

Supplements – Take your vitamins and add supplements that have specific formulations geared toward skin health.

Sunscreen – A no brainer but it’s heavily ignored. Cloudy or sunny, that sunshine is like rubbing sandpaper across your skin.

Hydrate – Drink that water! Your skin is your largest organ and it’s thirsty!

Antioxidants – Use skin care products that contain antioxidants. Talk to your dermatologist about hyaluronic acids if you have conditions like rosacea – they could hurt more than they help.

Moisturize – It’s best to moisturize twice a day. After your shower, before you dry, cover your skin from head to toe with coconut oil. Massage it in deeply and air dry.

A young woman meditates at homeReduce stress – Meditate, read a book or take a walk.

Easy on the alcohol – Overindulging causes excessive dehydration.

Eat healthy – add more fruits and veggies to your diet.

Get your zzz’s! Sleep at least 8 hours every night – when you are unrested it shows!

Eat the oil – Eat fish three times a week or take some Krill oil. Exceptional for the skin.

Eye cream – Use an eye cream for the delicate skin around the eyes before bed.

Mask it – Facial scrubs and masks remove the buildup of dead cells. Warm, brewed coffee grounds mixed with coconut oil make a FANTASTIC scrub.

Do the regimen – Cleanse, tone, and moisturize morning and evening. Use natural products when possible to nourish it with lots of vitamins and minerals.

Don’t sleep with makeup on! – They call it beauty sleep for a reason. Sleep time is when your body is in its restorative phase. Keep a bottle of no-water-needed makeup remover or removal pads at your bedside if you have to. Being committed to the nightly routine of cleansing can be your skin’s salvation.

Don’t touch your face – Your hands come into contact with the harsh environment all day, there’s no good to come from rubbing them all over your face all day. Also, holding your chin, resting on your hand with your jaw or forehead; you’re just pressing those oils into your skin and causing undue stress to your face. Use foundation brushes to reduce consistent pulls on your skin.

natural coconut walnut oilWear the oil – Jojoba oil resembles the skin’s natural oils. Dab this around the eyes to keep wrinkles at bay. Aloe vera, coconut oil, vitamin E oil,and Avocado oil all have the ability to improve your overall skin condition. These are good for your face and body.

Check your water – Hard water can cause havoc to your skin. Try using a shower head to reduce chlorine and hard water or a whole house filter if you have a larger budget.

Make it lukewarm – extreme changes to temperature can be damaging to skin so hitting it with hot water to open pores and cold water to close isn’t really a great idea. Rinse with lukewarm water then pat with a cool wet cloth to get the same effect.

Home facial – For the steam: bring a pot of water to a boil and let it roll for a couple of minutes. This will get the harsh chlorine and other chemicals out. Remove it from the heat and let it stand for a couple of minutes so you don’t get a burn (you don’t want it to be extremely hot). Add some essential oils, like tea tree or jasmine, and pour into a bowl. Place a towel over your head and the water bowl for a few minutes. Pat dry. This really opens the pores and primes them for your bedtime skin routine.

Steps to do an at home facial

Incorporating these into your regimen can really take the years off. Mark it on your calendar, set an alarm or whatever you have to do to remind yourself if you are a procrastinator like me! Now, go freshen up!


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